There is nothing good
Except: you do it!
(Erich Kaestner)

Every beginning is difficult. But I dared him and in 2016 “just started”.
And so I founded the Dr-Eckart-Winkler-Foundation. Because: tackling is announced!

Among other things, the “operational purpose” of the Dr-Eckart-Winkler-Foundation is to be realized through my, also in the past years, active, disinterested and personal activities in the Philippines. In doing so, I benefit from my existing knowledge of the living conditions of people in the Philippines, especially in rural areas, in order to start meaningful, financially viable and feasible projects based on my experience and information.

I will personally spend some part of the year in the Philippines, as I have been since 2012, to initiate, personally co-ordinate and accompany projects and, if necessary, to “get involved” as far as the circumstances allow allow or require.

But ..: without adequate financial resources, but only with my idealism, unfortunately, it is not here.

So I will try to actively acquire donations, also from my private and business environment.

Maybe YOU too would like to financially support one or the other of the planned projects of the Dr-Eckart-Winkler-Foundation. Write to me. I would be very happy ! And the people who benefit, are even more happy!

And finally.. :

If YOU are in the mood to see it all “live” and on-site, and to experience and experience it, then YOU will come along. I or my Philippine project manager organize everything for you. However, it is then not a “vacation”, as you may know him so far. But YOU will – like me – come back as a “different person”. I’m sure …!