…did I found the Dr-Eckart-Winkler-Foundation …?

As a child of middle-class parents, as one commonly says, at least that’s what people used to say, I’m in a well-protected, well-nourished hot family. Although this was more normal and more frequent in my childhood and youth than it is today, to be honest, I did not perceive it that way until many years later in retrospect.

My parents, self-employed, have familiarized me in good time and up close with “good and bad times”, as a small “entrepreneurial budget” brings with it.

They have given me a good education until graduation (at the not so good degree I myself was not entirely innocent …), and even in the subsequent study, which is generally not short, they have held out to the end, what they financially cost a lot. One takes in this time, albeit unconsciously grateful, so stop, without that it would complain the own thoughts particularly.

But I appreciated it especially and right at the latest when I saw and experienced completely different living conditions elsewhere.

In my case, it started in 2012 when I first came to the Philippines. The impressions of a for me until then unknown world, especially of the people living there, impressed me very much. The contrast between the local living conditions and ours in Germany was (and is) enormous.

Gradually, I ventured into some of the capital, Manila, whose international airport I landed first, in more remote parts of the country. This is only possible by plane, as the geographical extent of the Philippines, which consists of some 7,200 islands, is roughly that of Europe, from north to south, on the map “from the top to the bottom”, so that “further away” in my case at least anything between 1,000 and 2,500 km meant.

Even in the big cities, such as Manila, Cebu or Davao, I noticed the stark contrast of life in the center and in the adjoining poor, outskirts.

The farther I got out of town, the “worse” I felt.

I then landed on Mindanao, the southernmost island of the Philippines, and there in the province of Cotabato, which is about 200 km southwest of Davao, the second largest city in the Philippines after Manila (the present, in Democratic elections, which I myself locally “Live” witnessed, elected President Rodrigo Duterte comes from this city).

I remember my first impression when I arrived in the province of Cotabato and thought: Here is the “end of the world”.

Scenic it is really beautiful, and the people are incredibly warm and very (also hospitable) friendly. After all, it was not “the end of the world” for me, but rather the beginning of a new world for me.

Back in my “old world”, in Germany, and every time I turn on one of the hot or cold water faucets in my German home, as a child you have done so much more thoughtlessly than today, where we are stopped and learn, To save water and energy, I have since then the image in the eyes of people I have met, the water – at the same time – pull out of a hole in the earth with a large can attached to a rope. They call the earth hole wells. The water is only for washing. You can not drink it.

A drinking water tanker comes – hopefully – once a day over, with him you can buy drinking water and fill in canisters.
Although it reminds me of the milkman, who drove around in my childhood every day, and where you bought fresh milk. No problem but if he had not come once, then we would have been able to drink water “from the line” even then. That you can not do this even nowadays in almost all of Europe, except here in Germany, you know, since you have other, especially southern, countries, such as i.e. Spain, traveling on vacation. And yet it is also there – for us – different: We buy for the few weeks holiday just a few bottles of mineral water in the supermarket on site, and we have solved the problem.

This is just one example, which has moved me a lot, I will introduce you to further examples of “project ideas”, also on the basis of – current – pictures.

Maybe then you can understand my thoughts, which drives me.

In retrospect, I have always felt quite well in my life so far, above all because of my parents’ tireless and long-term “start help” at a young age.

Others, especially children, have fared less well in a country like the Philippines.

Maybe I can help – a little bit.

And ..: If YOU want, YOU can help too !

If you want to know more or help, feel free to write me. Just use the form under “contact”. I am pleased – even if you want to actively or passively help – on your message.